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For students

We are committed to develop you into a brilliant consultant.

Application deadline: August 19 2022

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You bring the talent, we bring the challenge!

Are you a talented problem-solver who wants to work on a project with fellow students to tackle a organizational challenge? Then we want you!

Our student-consultants advise real clients, collaborate with fellow students from Tilburg University, receive expert guidance from consultants working at SeederDeBoer and receive 1-on-1 coaching with professional senior consultants. We are fully focused on personal and professional development of all our members – this means working together to produce great results and having fun while we do so!

Professional Development

Our students-consultants will be guided by a senior consultant from our partner SeederDeBoer during the course of the project. The senior consultant will give our student-consultants guidance in how to structure a consultancy project, and will help them on solving complex issues. Also, before the consultancy project starts, the student-consultants will have training sessions from several consultancy firms.

Personal Development

Our student-consultants are offered the opportunity to develop themselves on a personal level as well. With our strong coaching network in place, all student consultants will receive a personal coach with whom they will have 1-on-1 sessions with, to set SMART goals and expectations during the 10-week project to develop themselves as best as they can.

Client engagement

Our student-consultants get the opportunity to discover a diverse range of industries as a preparation for their future career through our consultancy projects.


A strong and expansive network gives you insight in trends as well as insider information on job openings and movement within a company. Our student-consultants develop the network that fosters their career development.

What are we looking for?





What can YOU expect?

Engaging projects
In order to develop you into a brilliant consultant, we have selected the most interesting projects you can imagine.

Doable besides your study
With the focus on students, we made sure you can easily combine the POLIS Consultancy Group project with you study!

Tilburg University Certified Certificate
As a student consultant for the POLIS Consultancy Group, you will pump up your resume by receiving a certificate after you have successfully finished a project with your team!

After all the hard work, you will relax with your team with fun social gatherings.

Any questions? Get in touch!