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About us!

Learn more about the POLIS Consultancy Group, the first consultancy group linked to Tilburg University and a study association!

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Who are we?

The POLIS Consultancy Group is an international, non-profit student consultancy that aims to develop enthusiastic and bright students into brilliant consultants during their bachelor and master programs.

Our goal is to create value both for our student consultants by offering a steep personal and professional learning curve, and for our clients by providing high quality advice where it creates the highest value. The POLIS Consultancy Group is partnering with SeederDeBoer to develop the student consultants during the 10 to 12 week project and we are also creating a coach network, filled with senior consultants with the goal of developing the student consultants on a personal level as well.

Why do we do this?

The idea for the POLIS Consultancy Group (PCG) comes from the fact that there is a lack of practical skill development during the Bachelor and Master of Organization Studies (OS) and Global Management of Social Issues (GMSI). The PCG will be a group next to the Study Association where students can develop themselves practically in the field of OS and GMSI, specifically related to the field of consultancy.

PCG will offer consultancy services to organizations who are looking for advice on a number of categories OS and GMSI students are specialized in. These students are trained, selected and guided in partnership with Tilburg University and external partners.


We proudly present this years board of the POLIS Consultancy Group!

Joy'l Derix


Joy’l Derix is a third year bachelor student in Global Management of Social Issues and an enthusiastic active student who holds a board function at Study Association POLIS.


Filipa Junqueira Silva

Head of Acquisition & Recruitment

Filipa Junqueira Silva is a third year bachelor Global Management of Social Issues student. Next to her studies she is an active student at Study Association POLIS where she also holds a board position.


Joëlla van Noort

Head of Marketing & Communication

Joëlla van Noort is a 3rd year bachelor Human Resources student. Besides her study she holds a board position at Study Association POLIS.


Founding team

The POLIS Consultancy group was created during the academic year 2020 - 2021. During this year, the founding team worked hard to partner with different organizations and develop this consultancy group.

Tom van Dijk

Co-Founder PCG

Tom van Dijk is a third year bachelor student in Organization Studies who held and still holds several board functions within the student environment at the Social Sciences Career Event and Study Association POLIS.


Laurens Maas

Co-Founder PCG

Laurens Maas is a third year student in Organizational Sciences who held and still holds several board functions within the student environment. Driven by his enthousiasm and gained experience, he is now committed to students' professional development via the PCG.


Stijn Jansen Holleboom

Co-Founder PCG

Stijn Jansen Holleboom is a 3rd year student organization studies. Besides his study he is active as coordinator at the Tilburg University Honours program and working in consultancy. He's convinced about the added value of hands-on experience and is eager to organize this for other students!